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Moderation, server setup, & Custom Bot Development for discord communities.

Terms of service

by retaining our services you agree to these terms of service.


All work is done only after retainer is paid. Stage4000 does not accept post-pay billing arrangements. Stage4000 tracks all time worked in our system and will refuse work to any client who has a zero (0) or negative retainer balance. Payment is to be made at least 24 hours before the work is to be started. Stage4000 administration staff will email you at your paypal email once payment is received or during regular business hours.

Consultation is always free.

Service Limits

Stage4000, its staff, and contractors will not participate in a project that violates the discord terms of service or any other contractual agreement between general users and Discord, Inc. 
This includes:
• self bots
• bots meant for malicious use
• Servers that violate acceptable use


You are entitled to a refund of any unused balance in your retainer, you may request to empty your retainer balance at any time via your representative.

Any hours that have already been worked are not eligible for refund unless it is found that the employee did not perform their duties. Determination of failure to perform duties is to be made by an investigation by Stage4000 upon report by the client.


Stage4000 may make additions and or amendments to this agreement with or without notice.

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Terms of Service